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Frameland studios


Enjoy the convenience and atmosphere of our modern studios located in the heart of Copenhagen between TIVOLI and the royal castle.


Video production

Need graphics for a specific project or help with your visual identity? From minimalist concepts and  brand focused shorts to large-scale projection-mapping.



Concept & Branding

Every story starts with a single word, every stream with a single image.

At white box studios we start with a blank canvas.

Then we ask the right questions and set the stage for your story to unfold.



Take advantage of our certified drone operators if your production needs that extra top down point of view.




Our sister company </Hackstage>  is a creative agency specialising in visual art and technical solutions for stage design and performance art.

Check out the art-department at www.hackstage.com for examples of our previous international work.


From magazine covers and commercial billboards to event photography and product presentation, we can help you frame your ideas.



select works





Join us on a journey through select works that we are especially proud of!

From art-direction, scenography and light-design to corporate conferences and content creation.

From research-based trial and error to structured improvisation.

From Copenhagen to Tel-Aviv.

Challenge perception.

Ideas re-defined.




Collection 1

With an emphasis on minimalism and the design-philosophy that sometimes “Less is more”, this collection showcases how to cut to the core of an idea and simply get the message across.

Frome beginning to end. And every frame in-between.


Collection 2

A series of cases with a focus on corporate projects and brand-identity.

We recognise that no one knows your message better than you.   We know how to tell a story and we are happy to help you tell yours! 


Collection 3

While finding the right words can be an art in and of itself, some projects call for other means of communication. An image can say more that a thousand words and the body has a language of its own. This collection showcases some of the collaborative work we have done for museums, theatre and large-scale multi-media performance.

Collection 4

We have been privileged to be an integral part of the cultural scene for more than a decade, in Copenhagen and abroad.

About rune

Art-director, performer & new-media content creator

With a background in Music, Digital imagery and Philosophy, Rune Abro is a performer/scholar/new-media content creator :: On a mission to use abstract art, story-telling and embodiment to broker tales from beyond the veil. After leaving academia he honed his craft as an integral part of the copenhagen-based creative hivemind found at ww.hackstage.com

About martin

Show-caller, streaming-specialist and drone-pilot.


“Frameland is a creative agency specializing in visual art and technical solutions in stage and performance art. Over the last decade, we have grown to become a key figure both in the corporate world of content creation and events as well as on the cultural scene of dance, theatre and multi-media artistry. .

Our audiovisual research & development laboratories are located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark.

We develop and apply custom technology that challenges the senses and dissolves perceptual boundaries.”

“Our talented team of in-house specialists and freelance creatives provides complete end-to-end solutions for your needs.

Our expertise and modern facilities create the perfect setting for even the most challenging situation. No project is too big or too small.

Our innovative and flexible management strategies help to ensure high quality solutions at minimum cost.


let’s tell your story!


Copenhagen, Denmark